In addition to the services that our firm provides directly, we work with a network of like-minded and focused attorneys, consultants and technology solutions providers who assist our clients and providers across the country.

Some members of the ROLF Network include the following:

EVOLVE Legal Solutions LLC

EVOLVE is the faster, easier, and more economical way for skilled nursing facilities to obtain the tools that they need to respond to common legal and regulatory matters.


eAdmit is an electronic admission software designed specifically for the long term, post acute, transitional care and senior living industry. Visit website or brochure.

eConfirm HC

eConfirm is a reasonably priced, online platform designed for long-term care facilities to manage the visitation scheduling process, screen and record employee, vendor, and visitor information relating to COVID-19, and track visitors to the facility in real time.

ROLF Consulting

ROLF Consulting provides clinical and compliance consulting services to long-term care, post-acute and senior living providers.

Lebenbom & Rothman, P.C.

Lebenbom & Rothman has been dedicated to providing personalized legal and consulting services to the long-term care community for over 50 years.  They proudly serve as the legal counsel for the Health Care Association of Michigan.

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