Long-term care organizations provide a valuable service to those most in need. Our clients’ ability to effectively deliver the care, service and supplies essential to their residents requires steady and consistent cash flow.

ROLF recognizes that the receivables issues in the long-term care industry are unique and unlike the issues encountered in other industries. As a firm dedicated to all aspects of the long-term care profession, we are able to identify and implement practical solutions to minimize the frequency in non-paying accounts. Although ROLF is well equipped to assist our clients in seeking to collect on bad debts, we believe that the only way to really get control of the receivables in long-term care is to reduce the instances of non-payment by introducing comprehensive accounts receivables policies and procedures designed specifically to minimize delinquencies.

Specific practice areas include:

  • Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive A/R Policy
  • Design Programs and Procedures to Avoid Delinquency
  • Draft Admission Materials
  • Provide Training on A/R Policy & Admission Materials
  • Consulting regarding & Representing Providers at Discharge Hearings
  • Pre-legal and Legal Collection of Unpaid Account Receivables
  • Negotiating Payment Arrangements
  • Presenting Estate Claims & Opening Estates
  • Negotiating Voluntary Liens/Mortgages to Secure Indebtedness