Baljeet Khosa-Seibert


Ms. Khosa-Seibert, who currently resides in the Cleveland area, has 25+ years of experience in a long-term care environment.  Baljeet started as a charging nurse, and worked her way up to having regional and corporate responsibilities.  She also served and clinically supported multiple facilities over the years, mainly in Ohio, but has also assisted facilities in Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Washington, and Maryland.  In recent years she has done some Home Healthcare work, but has now made her way back to long-term care.

Throughout her career, she assisted facilities in the implementation of various clinical programs including wound management, ventilator/respiratory programs, cardiac management, and memory care. She believes in the importance of establishing a systematic approach to ensure quality and knows that with a team approach in mind and understanding the root cause of any event, a facility can then improve patient care and patient safety by preventing future harm.